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Fundy Model Forest Network ~ Our Forests, Our Communities, Our Future



All Board Members and the public are cordially invited to attend the Fundy Model Forest combined Board of Directors and Annual General Meeting. 


Testing is now underway to evaluate the efficacy of pilot-fired heating at a community centre near Fredericton.The assessments are being carried out by the University of New Brunswick’s Wood Science & Technology Centre/Canadian BioEnergy Centre in co-operation with the Keswick Valley Community Recreation Centre.


The balsam woolly adelgid is an invasive forest pest that has spread prolifically through eastern North America. In Newfoundland, over 80% of balsam fir have symptoms of feeding (gout) by this adelgid.


A pamphlet and survey that engages residents of the Rural Municipality of Upper Miramichi on the topic of a community forest in their backyard will be ready and distributed to all of Upper Miramichi's 2,373 residents in April. Results will be compiled and distributed to the community through the Over North Newsletter and the Upper Miramichi Community Forest website in May.


A French edition of Our Atlantic Woods: A Photo Guide to Non-Timber Forest Products is now available on the Fundy Model Forest website. The popular guide produced in 2010 has been translated and is available in pdf format on the homepage of the website.


University of New Brunswick professor Dan Quiring refers to the balsam woolly adelgid as "krptonite, his nemesis." This confounding pest has been causing damage in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and southern New Brunswick.


What does another spruce budworm outbreak mean for New Brunswick in lost stumpage revenue and jobs? A video podcast of this presentation is now available. Click here  . The spruce budworm ravaged the province's forests in the 1960s and 70s. It is moving into the province again. Dr. Dave MacLean predicts the potential impact and presents options for response.


The brown spruce longhorn beetle has been sighted in New Brunswick. There are signs of spruce budworm moving into New Brunswick. Is an outbreak imminent? Fundy Model Forest is hosting a one-day workshop Wednesday, Feb. 15 that will provide updates on the brown spruce longhorn beetle, spruce budworm, balsam woolly adelgid and other pests as well as the latest research in modeling and treatment options. The day will conclude with a discussion of management implications.


Dec. 21, 2011--Those interested in seeking funding from the Fundy Model Forest for projects in the fiscal year beginning April 1, 2012 are asked to submit Expressions of Interest by February 17, 2012. Proponents are asked to briefly describe the project, their partners and the potential budget. Forms are available on the Fundy Model Forest website or by emailing nairn@fundymodelforest.net . Expression of Interest 2012-13 form


Nov. 2, 2011--Woodlot representatives in the Maritimes have agreed there were solid reasons to create a regional certification program for private woodlands. At the end of a two-day exploratory workshop in early November, representatives agreed to form a steering committee.


Oct. 29, 2011 -- The Assembly of First Nations’ Chiefs in New Brunswick has initiated a dialogue with the forestry sector in New Brunswick to bring about changes in the management of Crown land forest with equitable access to the forest resources.  


In October 2011, Canadian foresters and biologists visited a literacy class offered to members of a farmers’ co-operative in the Duchity region of Haiti.


Nov. 25, 2011--Winning entries in the International Year of Forests art competition ranged a young artist’s personal exploration of her relationship to nature, to a stark pencil drawing of a clear cut, to a jaunty moose named Marvin.


Fundy Model Forest (FMF) and the Association of Registered Professional Foresters of New Brunswick (ARPFNB) have extended the deadline for submission of entries to the International Year of Forests Youth Art Competition to noon, Nov. 10, 2011.


Sussex---(Oct.22,2011)Fostering the development and use of wood biomass, especially pellets, is one of the steps detailed in the Department of Energy’s recently released Energy Blueprint, which lays out a 10-year vision for the energy sector. Wood biomass is to have a role in achieving the Province’s goal to increase renewable energy generation.

Fundy Model Forest General Manager Nairn Hay is pleased to see the Province’s commitment to develop and implement supporting policies to optimize the use of wood-based biomass and the increased use of pellets from wood and agricultural waste included in the action plan for the next three years.


Sussex (Oct. 12, 2011) Throughout southeastern New Brunswick groups are working to prevent erosion and run-off into streams in order to improve quality and flow of water in their watersheds.


“Holy fun, mud, sand, pouring rain, great meal, fantastic homemade preserves/jams/jellies....... Great event !!!”

That’s how one competitor summed up this year’s Tour of Elgin mountain bike marathon which took place on October 1.

After pushing themselves through 80 kilometres— a gruelling 120 kilometres for the more adventurous— up and down the steep wooded hills of Elgin in the rain, exhausted riders in this year’s Tour of Elgin mountain bike race had to grab water hoses to sluice off the mud. Neither the rain nor a final 650 foot climb to the finish line dampened their exuberance.

The Tour of Elgin, hosted by the Elgin Eco-Association, has become an eagerly awaited challenge capping the season for mountain bikers in Atlantic Canada.


Little Shemogue, N.B. (Sept. 17, 2011)—Before the 2011 provincial woodlot field day was over, silviculture manager Lisa Barkley, invigorated by the enthusiasm shown by participants, was thinking ahead to holding more educational events for members of the Southeastern New Brunswick Wood Products Marketing Board (SENB).


A National Tree Day celebration with a tree-planting took place at the Hugh John Flemming Forestry Complex's Acadian garden Wednesday. Above, participating in the tree-planting, from left, are: Maggie Paul, First Nation elder; Don Floyd, University of New Brunswick dean of forestry; Peter Curtis, TD Friends of the Environment; Natalie Young, a representative from TELUS; and Gary MacIntosh, director of marketing, Royal Canada, Irving Consumer Products.Daily Gleaner, Sept. 22, 2011
Tara Chislett
Damp grass Wednesday didn't stop the crowd gathered at the Hugh John Flemming Forestry Complex's Acadian garden from moving off the gravel path and closer to the white podium to take in the National Tree Day ceremony in Fredericton.
The event was one of 13 held across Canada to mark the country's first year of celebrating National Tree Day.
"It's been a long time coming, given the number of trees we have scattered across Canada," Tree Canada spokesman Nairn Hay said.


Little Shemogue—While when many contractors have been exiting the forestry sector due to the severe downturn that plagued the industry for several years, Mathieu LeBlanc has found opportunity in the crisis.


To mark National Forest Week 2011, Fundy Model Forest has purchased a copy of the award-winning documentary PLAY AGAIN. The film explores the changing balance between the virtual and natural worlds and asks the question, Is our connection to nature disappearing down the digital rabbit hole?



All woodlot owners are invited to attend the NB provinicial woodlot field day Sept. 17, 2011 at Thulium Farm, 386 Blacklock Road, Little Shemogue, N.B. Tour starts at 10:00 am. Ponsee Harvester, thinning and sawmill demonstrations, multi-species/micro-site plantings, Ducks Unlimited fish ladder, biofuels trials and more! RSVP for planning purposes to info@fundymodelforest.net.


All sector representatives of the Fundy Model Forest Executive Committee were re-elected by consensus during the June 16 annual meeting. They are: Kate Frego, Biology, UNB Saint John (Research), Gig Keirstead, Elmhurst Outdoors (Education), Stephanie Coburn, Conservation Council of New Brunswick (Environmental), and Jerry Gogan, Village of Petitcodiac (Representative-at-Large). The First Nations seat is open.


Two top Swedish researchers who addressed the Fundy Model Forest annual meeting June 16 in Fredericton, see opportunities to co-operate in research.  Concerns about balancing biodiversity and conservation and protected areas and industrial forestry are being expressed in Sweden as they are in New Brunswick.
Dr. Marine Elbakidze told the Daily Gleaner newspaper that the two countries can learn from each other. “It’s about ecology, economy and social culture. We need to develop the proper indicators to steer forest management,” she said.


Long-time directors of the Fundy Model Forest, Robena and Alan Weatherley were honoured at the organization’s 2011 annual general meeting.  President Dave MacLean presented Robena and Alan with a plaque expressing Fundy Model Forest’s appreciation of their support throughout the years.


Copies of Our Altantic Woods: A photo guide to Non-timber forest products are available in English public libraries and bookmobiles throughout New Brunswick. The New Brunswick Department of Education is placing copies in all English and band school libraries.



From providing planning resources to rural communities, to promoting the development of non-timber forest products, Fundy Model Forest has been active on several fronts during the past four years. It has held key workshops bringing together stakeholders to identify issues, brain-stormed solutions and then spearheaded projects and initiatives to solve problems facing rural communities and the forest sector.
These activities have been highlighted in Towards Resilience, an 8-page summary of our work from 2007-2011. To view the document


Fundy Model Forest congratulates Oromocto High School for capturing top honours at the New Brunswick Envirothon competition held in Fredericton earlier this month. The team will represent New Brunswick at Canon Envirothon, the North American contest, which will take place in Sackville in July.



Sussex, N.B. --- Whether it is growing shiitake mushrooms, making birch syrup or brewing spruce tea, woodlot owners are looking for more ways to make money from their woodlots.

Fundy Model Forest has produced Our Atlantic Woods: A Photo Guide to Non-Timber Forest Products to help them identify the potential to create small and medium-sized businesses from the trees, plants, and mushrooms - even the moss growing in their woodlots.


Daily Gleaner, April1, 2011
A group of woodlot owners in southeastern New Brunswick is working together to reduce costs, boost revenues and find new markets for a species of wood that is traditionally hard to sell. Read the full article by Stephen Llewellyn here


To learn more about how forests may respond to changes in climate the Mount Allison Dendrochronology Laboratory, with support from the Fundy Model Forest, has been using tree-rings in New Brunswick for several years to build models of future radial tree growth. This report is the fifth in that series of radial tree growth forecasting studies and the second report to focus on a provincial scale.


(Moncton, N.B. Feb. 8, 2011) Fundy Model Forest General Manager Nairn Hay discusses the new Rural Cycling Toolkit with Information Morning host Dave MacDonald. You can listen to the complete interview here.


Cornhill, N.B.— Want to organize a festival to draw visitors to your community? Not sure where to start?


Fredericton, N.B. — A two-day workshop at the Maritime College of Forest Technology March 2-3 will focus in part on controlling fungal root diseases in seedlings. 


When representatives from the forest industry, private woodlots, government and environmental groups came together last November to talk about what research is needed in forestry,  it became evident that there is  widespread desire to change how things are done. The  priorities and issues that emerged in these discussions will be used to create an action plan.


Fundy Model Forest is accepting project proposals for the 2011-2012 fiscal year. The closing date is Jan. 14, 2011. Proposals must be accompanied by a completed budget. The development of proposals is meant to be a collaborative process, so please feel free to call General Manager Nairn Hay at 506 432-7563 if you would like further information.


Sussex--(Oct.27,2010) A hands-on field workshop teaching streambank restoration is one of the next priorties for the Inner Bay of Fundy and Atlantic Salmons Forum.


The Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Fundy Model Forest have identified a need to reintegrate sustainable forest management into Fundy Model Forest’s work.


Kemptville,ON--The Canadian Model Forest Network has welcomed the Weberville Community Model Forest as its lastest member! There are now 15 members under the Canadian Model Forest Network umbrella that collectively are located within six of the 10 forest regions across Canada.


For a peak at all the happenings at the 2010 annual business meeting, shearing Christmas trees and growing mushrooms, see photos  here.
Partners Begin Re-Imagining the Fundy Model Forest
President's Message
Partners Satisfied with Governance


SNB forester Jamie Floyd's success in growing shiitake mushrooms in New Brunswick has piqued interest in the FMF community. More on this potential venture for the woodlot or backyard can be found on the FMF YouTube Channel. (Part 1) and  (Part 2)


This intensive 3-year study resulted in 10 graduate study projects at University of New Brunswick Fredericton and Université de Moncton. Final results were presented at the Jan. 28 Implications of Intensive Silviculture and Mixedwood Dynamics on Forest Management workshop.Videos of presentations can be viewed in the video section of this website. Continuing Education Credits can be obtained for viewing. (videos).


Woodlot owners, forest technicians and managers and others interested in woodlot management will be taking a look at some recent innovations in woodlot management and viewing  silviculture results Saturday, Sept. 18 near Havelock.

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Fundy Model Forest Network ~ Our Forests, Our Communities, Our Future Fundy Model Forest Network ~ Our Forests, Our Communities, Our Future