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Fundy Model Forest was formed in 1992 when Natural Resources Canada initiated the Canadian Model Forest Program. The program principle was to allow Canada to take a lead role in defining and implementing sustainable forest management concepts and to transfer the knowledge.

Ten demonstration initiatives or "Model Forests" were started across Canada reflecting a variety of cultural values and ecological diversity. They served as incubators that explored and illustrated concepts and best practices in forest management. The Model Forest Program was a precedent-setting initiative that sought to achieve innovation through partnership, generate new ideas, and find on-the-ground solutions to sustainable resource management issues.

Over the past 24 years, Fundy Model Forest's partners, have been and continues to be, a leader in advancing sustainable resource management in the Acadian Forest Region. The FMF is conducting research that has practical application in daily work in the forest, testing and piloting new tools and approaches to resource management, and transferring this knowledge and innovation to managers in the Model Forest and beyond.

Reports from this period can be found in the publications section.

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