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Early Years (1992 - 2007)

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Criteria and Indicators
For 10 years FMF examined criteria and indicators related to sustainable forest management as put forth by the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM). Fifty-three indicators were identified and have a process in place for monitoring.

Criteria and indicator work from the period 2002-2007 is summarized in the document:
The State of the Fundy Model Forest Criteria and Indicators: A Summary of Scientific Projects 2002-2007

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Pollett River Watershed Project

Criteria and Indicator work from 1997-2002 is detailed in the compendium, Fundy Model Forest Report on the Status of Local Level Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management.  This is a large document. It can be ordered as a CD-Rom or can be downloaded here as  a series of pdf files.

Status of Local Level Indicators

FMF Report on the Status of Local Level Indicators of SFM 

NOTE: This document is very large as a downloadable PDF file so it has been broken into 8 parts. Hard copies are available by request.

The 'Status of Local Level Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management' report gives a snapshot in time of the forest ecosystem and wil be used as a baseline for future decisions, projects and monitoring. It also serves as a compendium of Phase II of the Fundy Model Forest, during which the focus was on criteria and indicators of sustainable forest management.

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Conservation of Biological Diversity
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Maintenance and Enhancement of Forest Ecosystem Condition and Productivity
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Conservation of Soil and Water Resources
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Forest Ecosystem Contribution to Global Ecological Cycles
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Multiple Benefits of Forests to Society
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Society Accepting Responsibility for Sustainable Development
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All Appendices to the Status Report
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Knowledge, Action Change: Fundy Model Forest, the First 15 Years
This publication highlights our achievements from 1992-2007 and can be downloaded as a pdf.

Fundy Model Forest: A compendium 1992-2007
This CD is a compilation of final reports from the first 15 years. Please fill out our order form to obtain a copy free of charge. The reports are also listed here, grouped by theme and in reverse chronological order. They can be downloaded individually as pdfs by clicking on the title.


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