Our forests, our communities, our future


“Healthy communities within a working Acadian Forest managed using the principles of sustainable forest management.”

Our Objectives

1. Community Capacity
To develop tools that can be used by communities to analyze their current status, identify opportunities, and help adapt to the dynamic nature of today’s forest industry.

2. Science and Innovation
To continue to work in partnerships using science-based methodologies to develop innovative approaches to sustainable resource management in the Acadian Forest based on sound, documented research.

3. Bio-economy Diversification
To work with stakeholders to diversify the bio-economy through exploration of technologies that improve efficiency or create new products for the future.

4. International Relationships
To work with stakeholders to facilitate relationships with international organizations leading to transfer of expertise, technology and knowledge.

5. Communication
To communicate the methods and innovations of the program to local, regional, national and international audiences.

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