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Biomass Energy – an International Perspective

Mr. Eric Kingsley, Innovative Natural Resource Solutions

Eric Kingsley serves as vice-president of Innovative Natural Resource Solutions LLC (INRS), a natural resource, forest industry and biomass energy consulting firm with offices in New Hampshire and Maine. He leads the firm’s efforts on biomass energy, and has worked with dozens of biomass energy developers across North America on evaluation and implementation of biomass energy projects. Most of these projects are biomass electricity, though he has also had involvement in thermal energy and cellulosic ethanol project development. Clients include merchant developers, investment banks, investor-owned utilities, manufacturers and others seeking to evaluate opportunities and implement projects in biomass energy.

In addition to working directly for the biomass energy industry, Mr. Kingsley has been involved in the evaluation of opportunity and the development of private and public policy to move responsible biomass energy projects forward. Clients in this area have included the National Association of State Foresters, the North East States for Coordinated Air Use Management, The Energy Foundation, the Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources and the Atlantica BioEnergy Project (an effort that brought together the Provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and the State of Maine).


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