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Mapping Tool for Biomass Harvest

Dr. Paul Arp, University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management

Paul Arp is a professor of forest soils at UNB, where he has taught and conducted soils related research since 1976. He has authored approximately 100 peer-reviewed research papers and has overseen the development of various models relevant to forest management, specifically dealing with forest hydrology, biomass, nutrient cycling, and environmental stresses including acid rain and climate change. Dr. Arp coordinates research at the Forest Soil Laboratory and at the Forest Watershed Research Centre at UNB. His current research interest led him to developing tools in forest management and operations planning, related to the mapping of forest soils and soil moisture regimes at high resolution, in a practical manner.  The wet-areas mapping tool has become a well-integrated forest management tool in the Maritimes, in industry and government, and has received attention by the Sustainable Forest Management Network and many partners across Canada.  He graduated with a BSc (Hon.) in Chemistry at Carleton University, and with a PhD (Physical Chemistry) at McGill University.


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